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Angry Birds Go! is a racing game along the lines of Mario Kart, starring the charismatic characters from the Angry Birds saga. In this game, you can compete against the AI or play with your own friwesave.vnds over the Internet.All kinds of classic characters are playable in this game, including Red, Chuck, Terwesave.vnce, Stella, King Pig, and Mustabít Pig. All of them belong lớn one of two groups: birds or pigs.Now, in Angry Birds Go! not only can you choose your driver, but you also have the chance to personalize your vehicle. You can convert your kart inkhổng lồ a completely quality vehicle, just lượt thích in Bad Piggies.The races in Angry Birds Go! are sure lớn remind you of classic racing games like Mario Kart.

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Your objective sầu is lớn be the first to lớn cross the finish line... &, like in Mario Kart, nothing is off-limits.You'll find more than half a power-ups, including turbos, shields, missiles, and power-ups that make your character bigger. These should help you gain a slight advantage for at least a few seconds.Angry Birds Go! is a fun racing game that takes advantage of the popularity of Angry Birds to create an addicting kart racing game with various playing modes. The only downside to lớn this game is its in-game purchasing system: since the game is 'free', Rovio will try to lớn charge you for just about everything in the game itself.

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Jan 12th, 2020
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