Xbox trò chơi bar for Windows 10 is an amazing new tool designed for especially gamers to lớn access the Xbox phầm mềm & friends danh mục, capture đoạn phim, take screenshots, Spotify controls, và broadcast gameplay online at a fast speed, without leaving the game. Yet, there are also a few annoying new tooltips come with it. That’s why I’d like khổng lồ tell you how to lớn disable Xbox trò chơi bar.

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Microsoft finally decided khổng lồ add Xbox trò chơi bar lớn the updated versions of Windows 10 in order lớn optimize the gaming experience. This wonderful new feature makes it possible for PC gamers to take control of all their favorite gaming activities while they are playing games.

Convenient as the Windows 10 trò chơi bar is, there are still some people don’t lượt thích it; they think the Game bar is in the way và it’s not so useful for them. Therefore, they would lượt thích khổng lồ disable Windows trò chơi bar.

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Disable Xbox Game Bar và Game DVR on Windows 10

What Is Game DVR

As part of the new trò chơi bar tool, the trò chơi DVR is able lớn help you record videos in the background while you’re playing a game. In this way, you can grab a clip of any important moment easily. Of course, the Game DVR will take up your system resources.

You can choose to lớn disable Xbox DVR only or turn off the Xbox Game bar completely.

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How to disable trò chơi DVR (in Windows 10)?

Find the Windows logo sản phẩm button in the lower left corner of the screen và right cliông xã on it.Choose Settings option from the context thực đơn.Select Gaming option from the Windows Settings window.Shift khổng lồ Game DVR in the left panel.Find the switch under option Record in the background while I"m playing a game.Cliông xã the switch to lớn turn it Off.You can also click the switch under Record audio when I record a game to lớn turn it Off.


How to Disable Windows 10 Game Bar

There are actually 3 ways lớn turn off the Xbox trò chơi bar completely.

One: disable through Settings App.

Press Win + I or use other ways khổng lồ open Windows Settings.Locate và select Gaming.Make sure trò chơi bar is selected in the left panel.Find Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using trò chơi bar in the right panel.Clichồng the switch under it to lớn turn it Off.


Two: disable via Registry Editor.

Click on the search box on your Windows 10 taskbar.Type regedit inlớn the box and hit Enter.Choose Yes from the pop-up window to lớn run Registry Editor.Expvà HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, & GameDVR one by one.Right cliông xã on the AppCaptureEnabled key from the right panel.Change the value data from 1 to 0.

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Please note that you can change the value data of HistoricalCaptureEnabled key to turn off Game DVR.

Attention: if you find your Windows 10 taskbar is not working, you must try the methods mentioned in this page to lớn solve sầu the problem: