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take stock (of something)

1. To make an itemized các mục or record of the resources or goods available, in stochồng, or in one"s possession. We"ll need lớn take stock before we move everything inlớn the new warehouse. Be sure lớn take stoông chồng of the ingredients we have left at the over of the week so I can order more for Monday.2. To make an appraisal, estimation, or assessment of something. Moving forward, we"ll be holding biweekly meetings to lớn take stock of our financial situation. It"s good to stop every now và then & take stock of where your life is going.See also: stoông xã, take

take stock (of something)

to make an appraisal of resources & potentialities. I spent some time yesterday taking stoông xã of my good và bad qualities. We all need lớn take stoông chồng now và then.See also: stock, take

take stock

Make an estimate or appraisal, as in We have to lớn take stock of our finances before we can undertake a new project, or The career counselor advised Mark khổng lồ take stock before changing his plans. This expression transfers making an inventory of goods ( stock) to other kinds of appraisal. See also: stoông xã, take

take stock

1 make an inventory of the merchandise in a cửa hàng. 2 review or make an assessment of a particular situation, typically as a prelude to lớn making a decision.See also: stock, take

take ˈstock (of somebody/something)

think again carefully (about somebody/something); think about what something really means: After a year in the job, she decided it was time to take stochồng (= think again whether it was the job she wanted). ♢ He stopped to lớn take stoông xã of what he had read.See also: stock, take

take stock

1. To take an inventory.

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2. To make an estimate or appraisal, as of resources or of oneself.See also: stoông chồng, takeSee also:

not take stoông chồng in

Idiom(s): take no stock in something AND not take stochồng in somethingTheme: IGNOREto lớn pay no attention khổng lồ someone; not khổng lồ believe sầu or accept something.• I take no stochồng in anything John has lớn say.• He doesn"t take stoông chồng in your opinions either.

take stock

count items of merchandise or supplies in stock, take inventory The store will be closed for three days next week while the company is taking stock.

take stoông chồng in

take stochồng in
Trust, believe sầu, attach importance khổng lồ, as in He exaggerates so much that I don"t take stoông xã in anything he says. This term uses stoông xã in the sense of “capital.”

take stochồng in (usually negative)

have sầu faith in, believe sầu She took no stoông xã in the idea that women could not work as firefighters as well as men.

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take stoông chồng in|stock|take|take stock

v. phr., informal To have faith in; trust; believe. Usually used in the negative. He took no stochồng in the idea that women were better cooks than men. They took little or no stoông chồng in the boy"s story that he had lost the money. Do you take any stock in the gossip about Joan?

take stoông chồng of

carefully study a situation or a number of possibilities or opportunities After taking stoông chồng of the situation he decided that it would be difficult to continue working for the company.

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take stock|stock|take

v. phr. 1. To count exactly the items of merchandise or supplies in stock; take inventory. The grocery store took stoông xã every week on Monday mornings. 2. To study carefully a situation, or a number of possibilities or opportunities. During the battle the commander paused to lớn take stoông chồng of the situation. Compare: SIZE UP.
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