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Talking Tom anh hùng Dash
Outfit7 Limited
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0Can play offline






Download Talking Tom anh hùng Dash MOD android (Unlimited Money) và join with Tom khổng lồ fight & rebuild the thành phố before the destruction of the raccoons.

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Introduce about Talking Tom hero DashMOD game android version of Talking Tom anh hùng Dash

Introduce about Talking Tom nhân vật Dash

Owning a smartphone, surely many of you will not feel alien to the animal-raising games once caused storms on the market like My Talking Tom or My Talking Angela. Above all, it is the hàng hóa of the quảng cáo online Outfit7. This year, the company has just released an interesting new game, which is Talking Tom nhân vật Dash.

However, unlike previous versions of a mèo who only mimics human sounds & plays mini-games, Talking Tom anh hùng Dash is now developed into a game of endless run rules similar lớn Subway Surfers, and Talking Tom Candy Run in the past. Although there were not so many breakthroughs in the normal endless run gameplay, the game still promises khổng lồ bring the experienced moments of relaxation khổng lồ this lovely Tom and his friends.

A big plus in this trò chơi is the ability khổng lồ connect lớn social networking accounts lượt thích Facebook, Instagram … allowing players khổng lồ interact with their friends and interact on a global scale.

Tom is a superhero!

Perhaps after too long lying in the house just to lớn eat and sleep, it is time for Tom khổng lồ confirm who he is. Facing the risk of destroying the world of Raccoon, Tom và his friends will play the superheroes who hold the destiny of humanity. Each of his friends (Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, và Ben) possesses their own super abilities, together, surely they will save the world.

Defeat the Raccoon army

In order to lớn prevent the evil plot of Raccoon, your mission is to lớn accompany Tom’s cát team khổng lồ face the Raccoon organization. On your run, clear all the troublemakers by ramming them. Destroying enemies that will help you complete the mission, thereby expanding the nội dung of Talking Tom nhân vật Dash.

Besides, the coins that Raccoon dropped on the track are also an important booty. Trying khổng lồ pick them up & use khổng lồ rebuild the destroyed city.

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Cross-continent running

The Raccoon’s team is planning khổng lồ pollute the environment on a global scale, so their chases are also taking place everywhere in the world. “Cross-continent running” is exactly what you have to vày when performing your tasks. The chase stretches from New York’s to the rooftops of the skyscrapers in Dubai or the arid desert of Egypt.

At each different level, players can choose superheroes with the right strength lớn face the game challenges. Be flexible in using characters because they can be very effective!

Fight bosses & participate in special events

Tom’s friends may not be well, they are being captured by Raccoon on the spaceship. There is no other way, let rescue them immediately!

Defeating the enemy & repairing the đô thị in a certain number, the player will be confronted by the last monster who is holding Tom’s friend. Defeat him and miễn phí them, you will unlock new unexplored superheroes.

Talking Tom hero Dash has a lot of events to lớn celebrate holidays of the year such as Christmas or Halloween. Participating in activities held during this time will help you own many high-end items such as superhero equipment, costumes, & even the quality mode only in each event. Even if you bởi not have time lớn regularly participate in the game, these are still moments that cannot be missed.

Graphics and sound

Talking Tom anh hùng Dash has a relatively impressive graphics platform. 3d images with many different locations but still retain the inherent bright features of the game. Tom is dễ thương with an innocent, mischievous image with funny game sound, inspiring throughout the whole group’s journey.

MOD apk version of Talking Tom anh hùng Dash

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

Why should you use Talking Tom nhân vật Dash mod APK?

The hack version of gives you lots of coins for you khổng lồ rebuild Tom’s city. You can shop, unlock anything you want quickly and completely for free. Besides, you can focus on setting a record, no longer be distracted by the coins when running.

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Download Talking Tom hero Dash MOD apk for Android

Overall, Talking Tom anh hùng Dash is a game with simple gameplay, familiar but addictive, suitable for all ages. Besides, the education in the game about environmental protection is also particularly interested by the publisher. So if you’re a big tín đồ of Tom, there’s no reason not khổng lồ install this trò chơi right now.