Talking Tom Gold Run

Download Talking Tom Gold Run – MOD APK Version (Unlimited Money) – To take part in exciting chases.

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About Talking Tom Gold Run

Tom, a name is no longer strange khổng lồ everyone, right? However, this is not a cat in the Tom và Jerry series, it’s the most famous lazy cat on the phone, My Talking Tom. The game gives you an interesting feeling when caring for your cat và playing with them. However, when taking care of Tom & playing mini-games has become too boring, players start looking for new và more interesting themes. Thanks lớn that, Talking Tom Gold Run has been released and quickly reached a hundred million downloads on Google Play.


Many players may find Talking Tom Gold Run quite similar khổng lồ Talking Tom Hero Dash with the same Endless Runner gameplay. Moreover, Tom’s story is completely different in this game. One beautiful morning, Tom found two raccoons sneaking inkhổng lồ the house & taking all his gold. They must chase the bandits lớn regain the stolen gold & build their dream home.

An endless runner game

It’s clear that mini-games in My Talking Tom are easy to lớn play and simple. Based on that background, Talking Tom Gold Run was only a bit harder with endless runner gameplay. Simple actions on the screen such as moving left và right or jumping up and down, help Tom follow the thief’s oto. Notice, there are many obstacles such as trucks, fences or walls, … flexible controls khổng lồ overcome them if you vì not want Tom to lớn fall và have sầu lớn play again from the beginning. The thief’s car is always littering gold coins along the way, so help Tom collect those precious coins.

Right from the first steps on the train tracks, I immediately think of Subway Surfers game. Not only the similar gameplay, but the race also has many similarities. But the railroad trachồng is just a very small traông xã compared khổng lồ the countless places Tom goes through. All places lượt thích jungle, harbour, highway or even the bottom of the sea are imprinted with the footprint of Tom. An endless chase is waiting for you to lớn discover.

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Occasionally, some special items will appear on the traông chồng. It supports Tom quite a lot in a short time. For example, a helmet makes Tom svào & unable to fall when crashing into an obstacle, the plane takes Tom inlớn the air, where there are no obstacles but only countless gold coins. Besides, collecting gold is even easier with gold mirrored and magnets.


On big holidays, Talking Tom Gold Run is bustling và excited with many epic events. Every special occasion like Halloween or Christmas has new activities. Discover Winter Wonderl&, celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Along with that, there are a lot of premium và special gifts lớn equip Tom like costumes & many other items.

However, there is no need lớn wait for big holidays while every day participating in Talking Tom Gold Run are never-ending series of activities. Daily Mission missions with lots of great and attractive sầu rewards. The ultimate goal is to earn lots of gold lớn build Tom’s dream trang chủ.

House upgrade

Each tăng cấp gives you little privileges. Upgrading a new home page will open many new worlds, along with new và beautiful journeys. And yet, the most special thing when upgrading houses in Talking Tom Gold Run is playing games with a lot of friends. The familiar friends of Tom have appeared in many versions such as Angela, Ginger, Ben, Hank. More specifically, new characters like Hyper Tom and Cyber Angela are also ready for unlimited races.

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After each mission is completed, in addition to earning a lot of gold, you can get many treasure chests of extremely valuable items. Besides, larger tasks also include medals for your Tom. Do not miss!

Connect with friends

The most special feature of Talking Tom Gold Run & all of Talking Tom’s versions is great friover connection. Now you can completely chia sẻ on your personal page lượt thích Facebook or Instagram to lớn show off your scores with friends.

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Gold Run

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK for Android

If you are a special tín đồ of the lovely Tom mèo, you absolutely should not ignore this extremely fascinating Talking Tom Gold Run version. trò chơi suitable for all ages lớn be able lớn entertain anytime, anywhere. Join the adventure with Tom và his xinh tươi friends today!