Tải candy crush saga cho pc

1.2270.2.0 Candy Crush Saga is the superhit by King.com that, after succeeding on Facebook, Android, & iPhone, lands on Windows. Live sầu the sweedemo frenzy of them all

When it was first released as a game for Facebook, its developers couldn"t even dream about it reaching the success it has achieved: millions of players hooked on it from the very first moment, sending invitations lớn all their contacts, just like they used khổng lồ vì chưng with FarmVille.

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Moving on khổng lồ mobile platforms

The game"s success led to a version for iPhone as well as the subsequent APK for Android smartphones và tablets, which ended up confirming Candy Crush Saga as one of the most profitable games developed by King.com. Obviously, a version for PC had to lớn come next, so here"s the edition for Windows 10. To get hold of it you"ll only have sầu to press the Download button và install the APPX tệp tin that will bring the native version of Candy Crush for Windows khổng lồ your computer screen.

One of the greachạy thử hits in the short history of mobile games.

So here it is on our desktop, the game that repeats the winning formula of Bejeweled and Jewel Quest, but this time around with candies instead of gems and precious stones. And no, you"re not going lớn find anything different on your computer than what you"ve sầu already seen on your phone or tablet, in fact, it"s exactly the same game.

By the way... how lớn play it?

Well, that"s a shocking question, since you probably know how to play this game off by heart as you"ve sầu surely played other similar games before. You have khổng lồ swap the position of several elements on the board in order to lớn line-up horizontally or vertically three o more identical blocks. That"s when they disappear and their space is occupied by others, with new items appearing on the panel.

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You usually have lớn try to lớn reach a certain number of sweets to complete each panel, but you can also play against the clock or any other game mode.

Some of the features of this addictive sầu game

One of the key aspects that have led so many people lớn play this title, including your mom, is that it"s miễn phí. However, it"s definitely a case to be studied because, together with Clash of Clans, it"s one of the highest grossing games thanks lớn its in-app purchases. And just in case you don"t regọi it, here are some of the functions & features you"ll come across:

Match 3 game that"s about combining identical candies in groups of at least three khổng lồ clear them off the board.4 game modes: timed levels, target score, drop down mode & order mode.Increase your score thanks to lớn special candy boosters or power-ups.Unleash chain reactions that will give sầu you more points.Thousands of levels available that increase every week with each new update.Daily prizes by spinning this special wheel.Special unlockable wheels as you manage khổng lồ solve puzzles and surpass levels.General standings with your score & the achievements of your friends.Synchronizable games: continue on your Android or iPhone where you left off on your PC.

What"s the highest cấp độ in the game?

For your information, you should be happy to know that there"s no way you"re going to be able khổng lồ complete this game. There are thousands of levels available but, with each new update released every week, there are new screens that make it impossible to lớn ever kết thúc, although we encourage you lớn try it out for yourself.

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Now that you know, don"t hesitate lớn lover Tiffi & Toffee a hvà around Candy Kingdom in a game that will glue you to your PC from the very first moment. Just wait until you start playing. And don"t forget that if you need more, you can always have a go at Jelly Saga.