Sinon Finally Sees Kirito! And Kissed Him!

Between the Sword Art Online light novel & anime, Sinon"s character is relatively consistent. Still, there are a few differences to point out.

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The Sword Art Online anime is based on the original light novels, & thankfully, when it comes khổng lồ staying true to lớn the source material, they vì chưng a fairly good job. Main plot points, as well as details about the cast, stay the same for the most part. However, it of course makes sense that when trying to convert a novel series into animated form, there wouldn"t be quite enough time to lớn make sure every single detail is included.

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For example, Sinon"s character remains relatively consistent between versions. She"s an ice-cool sniper in-game trying to trang điểm for the traumatized girl she is out of the game, at least until she gains a tư vấn system for helping her work through her past. Interestingly, there are some small details about her in the light novel that either vary or simply weren"t included in the adaptation.


Fans are introduced khổng lồ Sinon in the same way in both versions, but in the light novel, they"re treated to lớn an extra bit of inner dialogue. In the anime, Sinon is relatively silent alongside her group, and it"s just noted that she was hired to lớn come along because of her skills.

In the light novel, however, Sinon made a phản hồi regarding the PvP team they"re ambushed by. She notes that they"re a disgusting group that preys on weaker squads in order lớn wipe them out và steal their gear.


In the anime, fans don"t hear much of what Sinon thought about her in-game avatar. She made an off-hand phản hồi to Kirito that she wished there could have been more customization by the player when he complained about his, but nothing more.

In the light novel, however, Sinon actually had a rather intriguing preference as lớn how she would have customized her avatar. She wished she could have made herself a "rough, emotionless male" before realizing she was gender-locked.


In the anime, fans are introduced to lớn Sinon"s bullies when they drag her aside & ask her for money. When she refused, they used her fear of guns against her in order to freeze the poor girl in fear.

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The scene itself played out the same, but there"s a bit of expanded backstory in the light novel. Instead of just saying they would bully her and take advantage of her, the novel stated that they went as far as khổng lồ invite boys over lớn her apartment & use it without her permission.


The anime stated that Sinon lost her father in a car accident when she was quite young. It noted that her mother became much more reserved afterward, but the light novel actually gave a bit more detail on how exactly it affected her.

Her mother became traumatized after watching what happened to Sinon"s father without being able lớn help him. The novel stated that she actually regressed back to lớn having a mental state equal to lớn that of a teenager, and that she began lớn treat Sinon more like a younger sister than a daughter.

In both versions, Sinon pulled out a pistol that she won in a previous Battle of Bullets tournament & tried khổng lồ hold it, hoping it would help her overcome her fear. It sent her into a traumatic attack, though, as she recalled the events that made her fear guns.

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In the light novel, it mentioned a little more detail, specifically how she felt when she first won it. She actually originally planned lớn sell it to pay for the subscription fees but kept it instead.

In the anime, though Kyouji made his feelings lớn Sinon known relatively early on, they didn"t seem creepy or predatory. He seemed dejected that she brushed off his attempt to confess, but not much else was shown until the break-in.

In the light novel, there"s a particularly haunting scene where Death Gun, later revealed to be Kyouji and one of his accomplices, was stroking a photo of Sinon. He stated that he wanted to lớn make both her mind and body toàn thân his.

In both versions, Sinon và Kirito took refuge in a cave together after narrowly escaping Death Gun"s grasp. Sinon reflected on her feelings of paralysis and fear whenever she couldn"t take the shot, và Kirito comforted her.

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In the light novel, though, she"s more reluctant khổng lồ accept his comfort. She became visibly humiliated and upset at the fact that her then-rival comforted her lượt thích a child, and actually declared her hate for him out loud.

Kyouji"s break-in & attempted assault on Sinon played out about the same in both versions. Afterward, in the anime, there"s a short scene of Kirito who comforted her and apologized for not getting there sooner, but not much else.

The light novel actually gave Sinon a well-deserved moment of vulnerability here. As the police arrived lớn take Kyouji away, Sinon began to sob openly at the weight of everything that had just happened to lớn her.

The origins of how Sinon obtained her Hecate are similar in both versions, but there"s still a slight difference. In the anime, it seemed lượt thích she had purposefully decided khổng lồ hunt down và solo the trùm cuối for the reward it dropped afterward.

In the light novel, however, she only discovered the quái vật after accidentally falling into its lair. Her original goal was actually to die so she could return to lớn her prior save point, not to lớn obtain its loot.

It"s implied that Sinon ended up developing feelings for Kirito during the time that they spent together in the anime, but it"s never explicitly stated. Fans got a bit more of Sinon"s inner dialogue in the light novel, và she actually debated telling him her feelings.

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Kirito và Sinon met up with Asuna và his other friends from SAO at their usual cafe hangout spot. It"s revealed that Sinon was struggling with her budding lãng mạn feelings for him, but decided not lớn say anything after she had a feeling that Kirito & Asuna were a couple.