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involving not enough money being available for borrowing as a result of firm controls on the amount of money in an economy: The quantity of exports has declined since the early 80s due khổng lồ the stringent procedures by the government. Previously, discount window loans were typically granted at below-market rates, with stringent requirements employed to lớn limit access khổng lồ this credit. These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of mister-bản đồ.com University Press or its licensors. They also increase the political influence of political constituencies who favour more stringent regulatory policies and reduce the influence of business. In order khổng lồ allow such subpopulation ren expression patterns lớn be recorded in our analysis we chose a less stringent cutoff value. In principle, the answer is yes, although two factors tư vấn waiving this responsibility and imposing more stringent duties on mere genetic contributors.

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Food producers should consider stringent safeguards lớn prsự kiện contamination of food-processing equipment during renovation or construction activities, including enhanced in-plant environmental monitoring.

If t 1, the condition is made less stringent by the prospect of an outright victory by one or the other buổi tiệc nhỏ. We show theoretically the stringent conditions necessary khổng lồ reduce vote-seat disproportionality in high threshold systems & empirically their high variance (and higher levels) of distortion. Needless to lớn say, the employment of child labour did not cease immediately, nor were the restrictions particularly stringent. Gradually, this stringent assumption is relaxed to lớn allow for a more realistic description of the process. Principled reasons are presented that argue for maintaining a stringent definition of communities of practice, such that more than shared practices or behaviors is required.




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