You may not have sầu heard of it, but FIFA Online 4 is one of the most popular versions of the FIFA franchise in the world.

Similar to the global smash hit Fortnite, FIFA Online is miễn phí lớn play, but it is only available in South Korea và South East Asia.

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What is FIFA Online 4?

FIFA Online 4 is a free-to-download online-only version of the FIFA series, exclusive to lớn PC.

The lakiểm tra edition was released in May 2018, with the first-ever version FIFA Online arriving baông xã in May 2010.

FIFA pro and streamer Ivan “BorasLegend” Lapanje was invited to lớn play FIFA Online 3 bachồng in 2017, with the Croatian revealing many features of the game.

FIFA Online is a hybrid between Ultimate Team and normal FIFA, with even elements of Career Mode thrown in there.

Depending on which mode you play, the players you sign for your club can improve sầu the more games they play for you.

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You can then battle with this team online or vs com in tournaments, as you strive sầu to lớn build the best squad on the planet và climb to lớn the top of the rankings.

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You can play with FIFA players since Ultimate Team came into existence, so expect lớn see Manchester United legends teams featuring Cristiano Ronalbởi & Darren Fletcher.

What countries is FIFA Online 4 available in?

FIFA Online 4 is available in South Korea và South East Asian countries.

This includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Timor-Leste và Vietphái mạnh.


When is it arriving in the UK & the rest of the world?

The UK và the rest of the world have sầu not seen a version of FIFA Online since FIFA World.

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This was released worldwide in May 2014, six months after he had already appeared in Brazil & Russia.

It was then taken off the web in July năm ngoái. Along with fellow EA free-to-play titles Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free & Need for Speed: World.

What game modes can you play?

There are a whole host of different mode on FIFA Online 4:

Official Match – the equivalent of kick-off on regular FIFA. Take your team and challenge others around the world. You have options to lớn play 2v2 and 3v3 with your mates as well.

Fantasy Team Manager – this is where you tweak your team. Adjust your tactics & personnel, although you will be limited lớn three formations that your manager can use.


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Invitation Match – choose your fantasy team or a real-life club & face-off with other players or friends.


Transfer Market – You can sign any player since FIFA 09 including in-size cards, Team of the Years, ICONs and more. With so many players available, you can pichồng up some useful cards for a relatively low cost.

Item – piông xã up items for your squad, including fitness and stats boosts from here.

Store – need more players? Head to lớn the store khổng lồ open packs just lượt thích in Ultimate Team.

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