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This article was originally published on 1st November, và with release now just one week away in North America (and slightly longer in Europe) we thought we"d share it with you once again.

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In case you"ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you"ll most likely be aware that Pokémon Sun and Moon will finally be arriving on the 3DS later this month - on November 18th for North America & on November 23rd for Europe.

As this monumental release draws ever closer, we took it upon ourselves khổng lồ round up the best Pokémon Sun and Moon preorders and bundles for you lovely people. We"ll be focussing on the U.S. & UK for this guide, but be sure to share link to your own regional retailers in the comments section below.

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United States

Amazon US

All of these đơn hàng are great for Amazon Prime customers, of course. Also the pre-order price guarantee assures that you"re getting a good deal.

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This retailer isn"t always known for having the best deals, but you will get a miễn phí double-sided Sun and Moon poster if you pre-order here. Bonus!

Toys "R" Us

With $8 off the MSRP and miễn phí shipping, this toy-selling veteran is another good option.


Expect more, pay less. That"s the Target promise, but unfortunately Sun và Moon is priced at MSRP on Target"s website. However, they are running a "Buy 2 get 1 free" offer at the moment, which might be worth a look.


United Kingdom

Amazon UK

If you are a Amazon Prime customer, not only will you get speedy delivery, but also save an extra £2 off the already decent prices shown below. That"s better than a poke(mon) in the eye, right?

Nintendo Official UK Store

If you go direct khổng lồ Nintendo UK you can get some interesting pre-order bonuses.


Good old high street retailer trò chơi is rarely the cheapest, but we"ve got the option of a lovely exclusive Aloha art card here. Trò chơi also sells the tải về version, too.

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Here"s a bit of a wildcard for you. ShopTo offer a reasonable price as usual và some intriguing không tính phí DLC.