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Từ điển Collocation

period noun

1 length of time

ADJ. extended, lengthy, long, prolonged | brief, limited, short The offer is only available for a limited period. | full You have been paid for the full period of your employment with us. | fixed, phối The medication is prescribed for a fixed period of time. | indefinite | early, late the late Victorian period | happy a happy period in her life | dark, difficult, lean a dark period in the country”s history | critical a critical period in the development of the project | interyên, intervening | transitional | off-peak, peak | Christmas | medieval, Tudor, etc. | inter-war, post-war | accounting | cooling-off The customer has the right to cancel the contract during the seven-day cooling-off period. | formative The most formative period of life is childhood. | gestation, incubation | rest | training | waiting | trial You can use the software free for a 30-day trial period. | time

VERB + PERIOD cover the period covered by the book

PERIOD + VERB begin, commence | end | last

PERIOD + NOUN costume, furniture

PREPhường. after a ~ after a long period of waiting | during/throughout the ~ during the intervening period | for a ~ We lived in Caracas for a brief period. | in/within a/the ~ Sales have sầu gone up in the last-five-year period. | over a/the ~ There will be a reduced bus service over the Christmas period.

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Changes were monitored over a period of two months. | within a/the ~ Committee members will not be eligible for re-election within a period of two years. | ~ between the period between his resigning và finding a new job | ~ from … lớn … the period from 1 July khổng lồ 31 December

PHRASES the beginning/end/start of a period, a period of history, sb”s period of office Public spending was cut during his period of office. | a period of study Try breaking your period of study into 20-minute blocks. | a period of time The balance must be paid within an agreed period of time. | a period of transition a period of transition between communist rule & democratic government

2 menstruation

ADJ. heavy, light | menstrual | monthly

VERB + PERIOD have I”ve got my period and don”t feel too great. | start I was thirteen when I started my periods.

PERIOD + VERB start | stop | last


Từ điển WordNet


one of three periods of play in hockey gamesthe interval taken to lớn complete one cycle of a regularly repeating phenomenonthe kết thúc or completion of something

death put a period khổng lồ his endeavors

a change soon put a period to lớn my tranquility

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. The length of time required for an oscillation lớn complete one full cycle. For an oscillating electrical signal, the period is the time between wavesize repetitions. If f is the frequency of oscillation in hertz, & t is the period in seconds, then t = 1/f. See the illustration.