Order & Chaos 2: Redemption


Order và Chaos II: Redemption is a remarkable achievement in thiết bị di động gaming. It is a fully functional MMORPG for portable devices, và succeeds at being an ambitious, stunningly large and beautiful game. Best of all, it’s không tính phí.

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If you have sầu played an MMORPG before such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars you know what khổng lồ expect. You are a player in a massive world, miễn phí lớn explore and complete missions for experience and items. The social aspect is what sets it apart from other open world games; there are hundreds of other players you can interact with. You can talk to lớn them, join their parties & adventure together, or engage in player vs. player which is my personal favorite. There is something very satisfying about shooting someone named noobs_sux in the face with an arrow.


Don’t mess with me, I’ve got a stichồng.

The truth is, I am not a huge fan of socializing in games. “Why play an MMORPG then?” you might be asking, & I’ll tell you. I love sầu open world games, & MMORPGs tover to be some of the biggest. In the past I have sầu been hesitant to fully engage because of the way they sometimes force you lớn work with other people, but I have not found that to be the case here. I have sầu played by myself for the entirety of my experience, and have yet khổng lồ run into lớn any problems. Gameloft has achieved the delicate balance of allowing solitary players such as myself progress while also encouraging more social people khổng lồ work together.

The graphics are excellent. The draw distance is surprisingly good even on lower powered devices, và the colorful, diverse world really captures your attention. I recommover playing on a tablet if at possible, it serves the purpose of seeing more of the world, và also helps with the interface. Every area is distinct, and varies from sprawling capital cities lớn beautiful verdant forests. I really can’t găng tay enough how large, pretty, và diverse the world is. I’m consistently impressed.


Move boxes?! Have sầu you not seen how fabulously I am dressed?!

The gameplay itself is standard fare, though well done for the most part. You receive sầu quests, usually collecting six of this, or killing six of that. The combat is very much lượt thích World of Warcraft, you have mix abilities you can use that have cooldown times, & you basically tap until the thing is dead. The higher level you are, the more attack options you get. The combat is not difficult, và although there are some frustrating quests, for the most part it’s a manageable challenge.

There are also optional tournaments và “Dream Dungeons,” special challenges and levels that are timed. These provide a fun distraction from the main game, and it always seems like there are more to lớn explore. With the inclusion of leaderboards, side quests và tournaments, it’s hard to lớn imagine ever getting bored.

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The interface is one of the game’s only weaknesses. While Gameloft did an admirable job replicating the inventory system of games that have sầu an entire keyboard to work with, it still falls short. Menus are hidden, the interface is confusing, và especially when playing on a phone, it can be very difficult lớn access all of the features. Things like selling items to merchants can be a real chore due to some poor kiến thiết decisions.

It is occasionally glitchy as well. It’ s difficult khổng lồ make this criticism as the game is so ambitious, but there were a few times that I could not connect, or that I would be stuông chồng in cấp độ geometry & had to lớn force quit. Given the scale of the world & the fact you không tính phí to roam it this is forgivable, but nonetheless frustrating when it occurs.

Many people don’t care about the story in an MMORPG, but I vị. I like to lớn have a purpose when murdering thousands of virtual monsters, và a good narrative sầu backdrop can make a big difference. Order và Chaos II: Redemption starts off with pretty generic fantasy trappings; I was rolling my eyes at the ridiculously dramatic intro. But as I played further, I began khổng lồ notice something: the writing was funny. Consistently funny, in a very tongue in cheek way that I was not expecting. The game doesn’t take itself seriously at all, & I really admire that in a marketplace flooded with grlặng tales of death và apocalypse. The story itself is somewhat forgettable, I’m not sure I could even tell you what it is about (something about a big ass hammer), but the individual interactions are very memorable, & I vì chưng enjoy the informal writing style a great deal.

What I can’t bít tất tay enough is just how much content Gameloft is giving away for không tính phí. You can have sầu two characters (và can pay for more) with whom you can play through the entire game. And the game is huge. I have been playing dozens of hours, & feel lượt thích I have sầu only seen a little of what Order và Chaos II: Redemption has to offer. My first character was a ranger, the second a mage. Though the gameplay is similar, combat is a very different experience playing with a different class.


Even here I cannot escape Christmas.

The fact that the game is không tính phí is extraordinary. There are prompts when you login to buy jewels or whatever so you can purchase in game fairy wings or a new jacket, and there are plenty of ways you could spkết thúc money if you were so inclined. But so many games give sầu you sparse content and force you lớn buy the rest; in this one the paywall is entirely optional. I have sầu spent almost nothing, và have sầu never once felt that I was being deprived of anything substantial.

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In short, recommending Order & Chaos II: Redemption is easy. The amount of content being given away for free is staggering, and I commkết thúc Gameloft for creating such a chất lượng game & keeping the paywall so reasonable. This is how it should be done ladies và gentlemen. Despite a huge install kích thước, occasional glitches, và a frustrating menu interface, Order & Chaos II: Redemption might be the most fun I’ve had with a MMORPG, certainly on a thiết bị di động device. I hope to be playing it for a very long time.

Also, noobs_sux, if you’re reading, I’m sorry I shot you in the face with an arrow. But you started it. ;D