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Her single gesture, her brief flares of passion, are intermissions in a state of gesturelessness, paralysis, aphasia.
The whole act seems lớn be building khổng lồ it: và when it suddenly turns out khổng lồ be intermission it seems a disappointing shochồng.
However, for the operator, the intermission will not decrease the maneuverability or deteriorate safety.
No transient intermissions of flow in arterioles or absence of flow were found in any dog, even with the stepped flow decrease lớn 10 ml/kg/min.
What is usually called the time of peace should be better considered as a more or less long intermission between two wars, in other words a cease-fire.
Both aspects make it possible to lớn think of the negotiation as something other than a single event,44 as a long-running show with a great many intermissions.
It is hoped, however, that it will be possible to lớn utilise the services of any such officers in other ways without intermission.
I should add that since then the necessary planning & preparation has been going ahead without intermission.
Just give us a little intermission to lớn install the giải pháp công nghệ in the post offices & there will be a miracle.
The year of intermission, with few recruits coming from the training colleges, presented difficulties also for the schools.
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to accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order lớn reach an agreement with someone

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