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an inaugural address/lecture/speech In her inaugural speech, she identified the recruitment of top faculty talent lớn the university as one of her chief goals.

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He held the inaugural meeting on Friday of a council to lớn forge common ground between union và business leaders.
In the case of the conference the police report noted that " more or less 200 persons " were present at the inaugural ceremony.
The major industrial robot suppliers are reportedly already showing considerable interest in this inaugural sự kiện with a number of key players already booked to exhibit.
The inaugural gesture of phonology was thus the total reduction of the voice as the substance of language.
Recognising the complementarity of entry & coronation ceremonies may potentially stimulate further insight inlớn the music suitable for these rituals, especially the surviving corpus of inaugural polyphony.
He also convened last week the inaugural meeting of a broad-based advisory council khổng lồ assist hlặng in the administration of the fund.
Details of the outside members & the planned dates for the inaugural meetings of the committees are phối out.
The governing bodies can take courage from what the new chairman said at the inaugural press conference as a most constructive way forward.
I remember the inaugural meeting at which well over 100 people—there could have been more than 200—turned up.
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