The Best Games To Play While Waiting Out The Coronavirus

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"I Want lớn Play A Game" is a memorable quote uttered by Jigsaw, the main antagonist of the Saw movie series. Online, the catchphrase has been often used on diễn đàn games and rage comics. The phrase is also usually used on images that present an activity that entails a great giảm giá of risk on the participators, most of which are toilet paper pranks & salt mazes that snails seemingly have khổng lồ get through.


The quote was first uttered in the movie Saw which was released in 2004. The quote is uttered by Jigsaw khổng lồ his victims as he begins his death game where the individual must solve sầu puzzles & disarm traps before being killed as time runs out. The quote has subsequently appeared in other movies in the series.


One definition for the phrase was submitted by AztecEagle on July 19, 2013 that aptly explained the quote"s usage in its respective sầu film series.<1> An image macro series that shows Jigsaw"s mask with text captioned on it (that normally involves the aforementioned phrase,) has a gallery on Meme Generator. There are approximately 2,445 images submitted as of June trăng tròn, năm ngoái.

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The quote became popular enough that various images have been associated with it. Most often these images involve sầu changing toilet paper inkhổng lồ something more abrasive sầu for an unsuspecting user, or having a slug surrounded by a maze made of salternative text, which will painfully hurt it if the mollusk touches the walls.





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