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Within everyone there exists a side preferably kept hidden, even from cthua kém friends. For the smart and popular Kyouko Hori, it's the fact that she has khổng lồ vị all the housework and care for her little brother, Souta, because of her parents' busy work schedules. For the gentle Izumi Miyamura, whom everytoàn thân sees as an otaku, it's his nine hidden piercings & large body tattoo.So what happens when they accidentally discover each other's hidden sides? Sharing parts of themselves that they couldn't with anyone else, svào bonds of friendship soon begin to lớn size between Miyamura và Hori, as well as those around them. As their hidden personas start to dissipate, they slowly learn how to open up lớn others.

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"Better art does not mean better anime" that's what I thought after finishing Horimiya.This is a very short Slice of life, but even if 3 episodes is too short khổng lồ develop characters, it has a great story, it made me smile because it's pleasant to lớn watch, it's the perfect bộ combo with comedy + romance + friendship !I don't think there's much lớn say about this anime, but if you want lớn take a break and chill in your couch, watch this !
This will be my first review, so go easy on me.Hori-san lớn Miyamura-kun, an easygoing great anime.This anime only has 3 episodes, but you will probably enjoy each and every one of them.The little romance between the two main characters is great.The story itself is very simple và easy lớn underst&, great if you just want to lớn relax a bit.If you want a short little break, try this anime.
Was the art not great? Yes... Did it completely represent the manga? NO, in fact animes hardly ever vày... Yet, most people who watched this can come khổng lồ a conclusion that they enjoyed it. Why is that? Because unlượt thích a lot of those slow fanservice animes that laông xã a story, this one, although using a simple idea, proved that simplithành phố can sometimes be the better path to take. The simplithành phố of the story alone arguably carries this anime. Give sầu it a watch if u have some time. A good anime if you're into lớn romance. When I finish an anime, I tover to ask myself if that anime made me feel good...và this one did. I like how unlike a lot of the other romance animes out there, this one had the boy in a much different scenario; it felt different, it's nice khổng lồ have sầu different.
At initial glance the not a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of money was spent on the graphics but I figured to lớn carry on watching for they would not have bothered animating a weak plot. From just watching the first OVA I was intrigued for the originality of Miyamura’s rebelling streak; an angle of rebelliousness và otaku – where they may take it I thought.STORYLINE: 8.5/10They secret relationship makes it awkward khổng lồ watch but understandable to a person lượt thích me who ain’t so great with people face khổng lồ face. A simple story that lets you in on both main characters thoughts in regards of their relationship/ friendship with one another without the bombardment of the clichéd high school anime or prolonged series.

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