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The health effects of solitary leisure activities, such as mainly home-based hobbies or watching television, are however inconclusive.
A further objective sầu was to encourage local authorities lớn develop home-based alternatives to lớn residential care as a consequence of the changed funding arrangements.
Randomised controlled trial of a general practice programme of home-based exercise lớn prevent falls in elderly women.
However, the informational privacy of patients and providers is at greater risk with home-based telemedicine.
Since they challenge the norm of home-based care, they may represent a move in the direction of gender equity.
Instructions for a home-based separation-reunion procedure for assessing preschool children"s attachments.
This point is worth noting, particularly since revonsuo is continuing to lớn collect home-based dream reports in support of his theoretical claims (sect. 3. 3).
However, the problem with these assessments is that they neither identify the moral values involved in home-based telemedicine nor address its possible ethical implications.
There is evidence showing the effectiveness of both home-based và class-based exercise programs (10;14;15) in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.
An interview series with completed home-based rehabilitation patient courses has been performed by a speciacác mục in qualitative methods.
It is likely that đầu vào from these companies will increase costs associated with home-based treatment (15).

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