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Clash of Clans isn’t the only popular trò chơi from the developers at Supercell getting updated, as today the company unleashed a huge winter update for giỏi Day. The trò chơi is a popular miễn phí farming title available on iOS, Android, Facebook & more, và today’s update introduces the Champions league, new leaderboards and much more. Read on for everything xuất xắc Day players need lớn know.

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Back in September tuyệt Day received a large but optional update, with lots of new changes. & now today many of those are mandatory, as a huge update is rolling out this morning for all players, on all platforms, around the globe.

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This morning the popular freemium farming game was offline, & many players confirmed multiple issues with misplaced animals, trophies showing up wrong, và other issues, but most of those have been resolved. The trò chơi is now back online ready for farmers to lớn enjoy all the major changes that arrived just in time for the winter season.


In September a fall theme arrived, new pets, Derby improvements và more, but that’s nothing compared to lớn what was released this morning. This is officially the xuất xắc Day năm ngoái Winter update, bringing snowfall và more to lớn villages around the globe. That isn’t all either, with the update Supercell has added a slew of “community requested features” that will surely make many long-time players extremely happy.

Hay Day was once one of the most popular games around, and still in năm ngoái is inside the top trăng tròn highest grossing games on iOS and Android, & with good reason. The developers constantly địa chỉ cửa hàng more features, additional pets, new village options và more to keep players invested in farming.

Those who’ve abandoned the farm will be happy to lớn know that now is a better time than ever to give tốt Day another try, or revive an old village. The update is available as we speak, & here’s everything that’s new. It’s a big one.

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What’s New: Big Derby Additions và Improvements!• Reach the highest league level, the Champions League, lớn compete with the best neighborhoods in the world for derby points within the new global leaderboard. Can your neighborhood be the number 1 in the world?• Get more derby rewards than ever before with the Champions League!• A new Neighborhood Trophy tab khổng lồ help you keep track of your precious derby wins.• A Spectator Mode for opted out players khổng lồ see their neighborhood’s derby progress• See everybody’s achieved points from the previous derby and final standings, during the derby pause.• Derby league cấp độ is now visible on your neighborhood house for everyone to lớn see!• New Derby achievements available!

Some of the most dedicated & best neighborhoods in the world will now be within reach thanks to lớn a new global leaderboard. More Derby points và improvements have been made, và the new Champions league will highlight the best of the best.

There is a new trophy tab for users to help keep track of wins, a spectator mode for those who opt out of derby’s & even new achievements.Community requested Features:• The Newspaper box now shows an animation when a new Newspaper is available.• The Gift Catalogue & the Wheel of Fortune prizes now have brand new decorations.• Newspaper Tool Offers have been improved.• The holiday season has arrived khổng lồ your farm. Make sure khổng lồ stay tuned for our upcoming Holiday & New Year’s event with very special decoration prizes!

Additional:• Traditional Chinese support added.• General bug fixes and improvements• Added more information on where to get the necessary building supplies for upgrades in the Barn / Silo UI.

As you can see above Supercell also added in some of the most popular or most manageable “community requested features”. Some of those including new decorations from the Wheel of Fortune prizes, sleek new animations when the newspaper arrives, and even newspaper tool offers have been improved. Head to the forums for more details on all the changes.


Last but not least Supercell confirmed some general bug fixes have been included, but they also recognized that after the update some users are experiencing problems with missing or misplaced pets, trophy counts being wrong và more, & they’re working hard to lớn fix any problems that remain. Traditional Chinese support was added as well, not to mention more information on where to get building supplies for upgrades and such.

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Overall this is a pretty big update for those who’ve been playing hay Day for a long time. It’s rolling out on all platforms as we speak, so be patient, as it will be here soon enough if you’ve yet to lớn receive the xuất xắc Day Winter 2015 update.