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Is it possible khổng lồ make trainer for this game?playing with a controller is a must.
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I had a lumia 830 with shadow fight 2. Couldnt root access well enough to edit the files, so i played on bluestacks.Just upgraded to win10 và installed shadowfight as a metro app. Busted my balls with cheat engine. Sucked alot.Im here khổng lồ bring you progress. !You need prior knowledge about the xml / hash tệp tin hack that people use for the game.!But you may notice the issue is that you cant find the files in Program Files / WindowsApps..Thats because its in C:Users\%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalPackagesC:Users\%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalPackagesNekkiGmbH.ShadowFight2forWindows_9ea1ktvsjkm1cLocalStateassetsFor me. Find your unique package Id ->localstate ->assets.I have yet to lớn edit anything without the trò chơi crashing. So goodluck while waiting for a traineredit: Just successfully got through. Lvl 52, và coins + gems.The exact instructions would be.1)Cut List.xml -> Anywhere to be edited. 2)Copy the contents of Users.xml into list.xml(folder taco"s list.xml).3)Change a few variables. Safe values to change are. Stamina/Strengths/Power = 99.Experience = 88000000, level =52 (im sure it goes higher), money/bonus= 40470000000000, Showupgrades = 1.

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(Edit:If you show upgrades before completing tutorial, it may interfere with the tutorial. Critically)4)Save list.xml. & !Copy! the new list.xml to the assets folder. Change the properties of list.xml to lớn read-only, apply.5)Start the game, (blah blah blah corruped) hit reload, alt+f45.5)Optional: I turned off my Wifi at this point.6)Go back to lớn the assets folder and !Copy! list.xml.hash to thư mục taco.7)Change the lớn files in thư mục taco from list.xml->users.xml & list.xml.hash->users.xml.hash8) Copy your users.xml và users.xml.hash from thư mục taco khổng lồ assets.9) delete the list.xml in assets.10) Your thư mục should contain an unedited list.xml.hash, & a new users.xml / users.xml.hash file. If followed correctly, your users.xml should not be read-only.11) Restart the game và cross your fingers.These instructions work without even playing through the tutorial. Just start the game to the point where you see Your characters stats (past the load cinema). If you close it, you should have a proper User.xml tệp tin available.I"ve made changes later in the trò chơi on Bluestacks. For example when you unlock Enchantment Recipes later on, you need ingredients. The same process should work. New variables will be added khổng lồ the tệp tin called materials1/2/3, & ascension tokens or something. You can mix these lớn 40470000000000If you make a corrupting/crashing error. Delete lists.xml/lists.xml.hash và users.xml/users.xml.hashTurn on your internet & restart the game up to lớn twice. If that does work, uninstall & reinstall the metro app.