Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods For Co

Grand Theft auto 5 was never meant to be played alone. Even the single-player campaign saw three very different protagonists often joining together khổng lồ complete missions. Players wanting to lớn join in with others can often resort to the online component of Grand Theft auto 5, Grand Theft auto Online, though for players wanting khổng lồ join together, Online can often be quite chaotic.

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For players simply wanting to hang out in Los Santos together, co-op mods are likely the best place to lớn turn to. The modding community for Grand Theft tự động 5 is enormous, và there are more than a few multiplayer mods that act as alternatives for Online. Some may seem more lượt thích Online, while others play more lượt thích the single-player campaign. Regardless, they allow friends khổng lồ create servers và play the trò chơi together. Ultimately, which thủ thuật will work best will vary from player to player, depending on what they're looking for in the co-op experience. There is sure khổng lồ be a hack for everyone.

5/5 FiveM


FiveM is great for players wanting lớn create their own multiplayer servers. Completely separate from Grand Theft auto Online, FiveM is a quality multiplayer mod that allows players to create and run their own servers. FiveM also allows players lớn personalize the chơi game styles of their servers, being compatible with most Grand Theft tự động hóa V mods. This mod also enables NPCs, so if players are really looking to recreate the single-player Grand Theft auto V experience with their friends, FiveM will get them closer to that.

FiveM is also one of the more popular GTA 5 multiplayer mods, at one point having a larger player base than Online. Compared with the typical Online, FiveM is appealing khổng lồ players largely due to lớn its customizability, allowing players khổng lồ tailor their desired GTA multiplayer experience to lớn themselves và their other players.


Another popular multiplayer hack for Grand Theft tự động hóa V is RageMP, largely due to its roleplay focus. Roleplay servers in Grand Theft tự động hóa V let players roleplay as any citizen in Los Santos, ranging from an average store clerk khổng lồ a police officer and, of course, a criminal. Nearly all servers on RageMP are RP servers, making RageMP a great choice for players looking to lớn roleplay. If players are also looking lớn create a server just for other players, RageMP disables NPCs, allowing players lớn have the entirety of Los Santos to lớn themselves.

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Game modes can be created using C++, C#, or JavaScript, so players who prefer coding might prefer RageMP lớn help create their quality game modes. So, any players who are looking for roleplaying experiences or prefer coding would want khổng lồ set their sights on RageMP.


For anyone wanting their friends khổng lồ join them in the single-player campaign, TwoPlayerMod is excellent for them. Despite its name, TwoPlayerMod allows up to three players khổng lồ join the single-player story mode. This thủ thuật then allows players to lớn navigate the world of Grand Theft tự động V in the same way it's seen in single-player.

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The one drawback of TwoPlayerMod is the lack of split-screen, meaning everyone has to stay on-screen for their characters to lớn be seen. However, this can be fixed by downloading the separate mod TwoPlayerMod Split. So long as players are okay with either of these two options, TwoPlayerMod should be a good choice. If this seems lượt thích too much of an inconvenience, however, an alternative gian lận might be best.


Much lượt thích TwoPlayerMod, GtaCoOp is a gian lận that allows other players to lớn inhabit one's single-player world. With GtaCoOp, players can create their own private server, letting other players join in all without having to lớn exit the single-player world. Players can join in on missions, create their own missions, or just enjoy the world of Los Santos with their friends or anyone online.

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Unlike the TwoPlayerMod, GtaCoOp allows players to join in separately, meaning there's no need lớn have a split-screen modification. GtaCoOp also allows players khổng lồ create or join in on servers, meaning that players can either enjoy the single-player world of Grand Theft tự động hóa V with their friends or with any random player. For those reasons, some players may prefer this mod.


The Multiplayer Co-Op hack is in many ways similar to lớn TwoPlayerMod và GtaCoOp. This thủ thuật is exactly what it sounds like; it simply allows players to play the single-player trò chơi together. Players can complete missions or just hang out together in a world initially designed for just one player.

The Multiplayer Co-Op mod shares many similarities to lớn GtaCoOp, mainly being able to play the single-player game with either close friends or random players online who also mô tả the mod. Also, lượt thích GtaCoOp, Multiplayer Co-Op doesn't require any sort of split-screen & lets players join in separately, making it a great alternative to lớn TwoPlayerMod.

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Grand Theft tự động V is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, và Xbox Series X/S.