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With the World of Winx game, you have the opportunity lớn explore a magical world filled with fairies, butterflies, &, of course, magic! Have sầu you ever wanted to lớn roam around the corridors of Alfea, the boarding school for fairies? Now you have sầu the chance!

Stella, one of the most beloved girls from the Winx Club, has lost her magical ring. Will you help her look for it all over the school? You will need lớn use your wits, reflexes, & some magic spells.

Piông xã your hero!

The first step of the game is lớn piông xã one of the members of the Winx Club lớn join you in this whimsical adventure. Do you lượt thích Bloom, Tecna, Aisha, Flora, Musa, or Stella?

Next comes the fun part! Choose the perfect outfit out of the three available options. Charphối is a more casual look, Enchantix is a tad more polished, & Believix is the most elegant option.

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Where would you like khổng lồ go first? You can visit many cool areas of Alfea, including the library, the cloud tower, và even the swamp! Can you complete all 6 levels? I suggest you start with the first cấp độ & follow the tutorial lớn get the hang of the game.

The gameplay is very intuitive. You can move your character by using the Left & Right Arrow Keys. Jump with a simple push of the Up Arrow. Isn't it cool that your mouse is your magical wand? You can use it lớn select one of the spells from the thực đơn on the bottom, then cliông chồng on any object you want to lớn target.

Make your way khổng lồ the key!

The most important skill for any witch is to make the most out of her environment. To make your way lớn the over of the màn chơi, you will need to lớn use your skills and spells.

However, you should be careful! The many spells allow you khổng lồ push or pull objects, levitate them, or even sumtháng pottery khổng lồ hold down buttons. Nevertheless, your final score will improve sầu if you use less magic.

Your main obstacles will be the doors that you can unlock only by finding the right key. The cool part is that all the doors, buttons, levers & keys are color-coded, to make everything easier for you.

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Throughout your journey, you will find many tools that can help you reach your goal. Boxes can be used to hold down buttons, you can jump onlớn them, or even float them up in the air. What is more, you can pick up magic butterflies that will help you fly for a little while.

You can gain extra points by collecting magical stars. You can also earn points by being as fast as you can in solving the puzzles. Keep an eye on the counter in the top right corner of the screen!

Can you finish all the levels? If you manage khổng lồ vì chưng so, you will become an official member of the Winx Club!

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