Hidden object games are an underrated pleasure, and here are just a few of the best ones you can play on your PC.

Many people have likely grown up reading books such as Where's Waldo? or playing the old-school I Spy games. These put individuals khổng lồ the thử nghiệm of finding hidden objects và people in a very crowded scenario. The mystery of trying to find where the thành tích is và the satisfaction of discovering it is what makes hidden object games so much fun.

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There are plenty of available options for those looking to lớn recapture the magic of hidden object games. One of the best platforms to find & play these types of games is on PC.

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Updated on September 17, 2021, by Chris Birsner: Hidden object games are not super popular nowadays, but even if you were a fan of these games, there aren't a ton in the genre out there right now. That said, the games that bởi vì exist continue to lớn take from some of the best "hidden object" formats of the past. Whether it's a trò chơi that asks you just to look for and click on the tòa tháp that needs lớn be found or it's one that asks you to bởi vì a ton of puzzles in order to lớn get the thắng lợi you seek, there is a variety of different approaches to lớn the genre that continue coming out to lớn this day.


One of the closest games khổng lồ emulating I Spy on this list is Wind Peaks, a trò chơi that surrounds a group of scouts that go on a camping trip. Each màn chơi has a mix of items that need khổng lồ be found in order to lớn unlock a cutscene.

The cutscenes tell of a mystery that can be deciphered based on phối pieces found throughout the game. The trò chơi is hand-drawn & gives off a relaxing aesthetic for people who enjoy wholesome games. The game is also rather short, so it can be a quick experience before diving into a different hidden object game.


For those looking for a much longer experience, check out Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure. A game with over 200 different quests, it tells a story about an ancient elven tribe that has been forced khổng lồ live their lives on a deserted island.

Most of the quests in the trò chơi revolve around hidden object scenes where players will need to check items off a list. However, there are also a few quests that put players' minds to the thử nghiệm with puzzles and mini-games. This trò chơi is free-to-play on PC, making it easier lớn dive right into the adventure.


While there is a distinction between hidden object games & other puzzle games, it's very easy for this subgenre lớn be just an element of a broader game. The Room is one of those games where the goal is to vì a variety of different puzzles lớn unlock the secrets that are present in the boxes in front of you.

The developers of The Room were so happy by the reception of the first trò chơi that it has gone on to release four different sequels, so those who enjoy the first can keep playing for a while longer.


When thinking about a game revolving around finding objects, it's easy to compare it to a detective game. 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek is not the first to lớn combine both genres, but it does a solid job capturing the magic of point-and-click adventure games of old at the same time.

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A paranormal investigator travels to lớn Serpent Creek khổng lồ find her friend & reporter Helen Hunter after she left an eerie voice mail. The town is now filled with sleepwalkers và snakes & it's up khổng lồ the investigator lớn get to the bottom of what's happening.

While frequently overlooked, point-and-click adventure and hidden objects games tend khổng lồ have some tremendous storytelling. This is especially true for When The Past Was Around. The story is focused on a girl who must find the secrets between herself & her significant other in an abnormal world.

She must vị this by finding clues in each of the available rooms & solving a collection of different puzzles. The trò chơi has a beautiful art style và calm violin music that plays as you watch the story unfold without any dialogue being said.

In a similar vein to lớn When The Past Was Around, Milo and the Magpies is another game that stands out due to lớn its art. Created by Johan Scherft, who hand-painted every character và setting in the game, Milo & the Magpies revolves around a cat who is looking lớn find his way home while being bothered by some magpies.

The goal of the game is to bởi various point-and-click và hidden object puzzles lớn help Milo get through nine different gardens, each one with its own chất lượng soundtrack & circumstance.

Horror is another genre that can easily be presented in point-and-click hidden object games. From the same creators of 9 Clues comes Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood. This tasks you with tracking down a demonic preacher in the area of Ravenwood Park.

On top of visiting various settings that include finding important objects và solving puzzles, players are able to lớn use an evidence board to lớn put together evidence and clues that have been found during the adventure & solve the mystery that has enveloped the town.

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Those who are looking for a trò chơi that has a similar art style khổng lồ the Where's Waldo? books should look no further than Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective. This adventure trò chơi lets players explore the beautiful world designed by IC4DESIGN.

Run around these environments as Pierre who is looking to stop his enemy, Mr. X, from running away with the Maze Stone, an important artifact. There are over 100 hidden objects to lớn find along with other puzzles for players to lớn wrap their minds around. There are also over 500 different ways to interact with the environment.

Among some of the newer games on this menu is a life simulator that revolves around finding objects and taking care of an island at a day-by-day pace. In Cozy Grove, you are a Spirit Scout who will examine this haunted island each day for various secrets.

The goal of the trò chơi is to lớn take care of the friendly ghosts that live on the land. Players are tasked with collecting spirit animals, going fishing, & crafting items that can be used for decorating the island. The trò chơi is meant to be taken slow and played in short spurts, allowing players to take in the game over a long period of time.

The people over at Annapurna Interactive are always publishing unique puzzle games that are worth giving a try. Developed by Richard Hogg và Hollow Ponds, I Am Dead tells the story of a man & his dog who have both died but are still watching over their beloved trang chủ island.

When the volcano on the island begins to lớn show signs it's going khổng lồ erupt, it's up to them to lớn figure out how to warn the locals. This is a quality hidden object trò chơi in that the chip core mechanic revolves around going inside of various objects lớn help gain the context needed lớn stop the impending disaster.

Another new hidden object game that hit PC stores recently was Sizeable, a relaxing trò chơi about examining tiny dioramas. The puzzle exploration trò chơi allows the players khổng lồ grow & shrink various objects that a part of a level to find various objects.

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Each miniature area has its own unique theme that you can play with in order to lớn accomplish the goal of finding everything. The developers of the game are planning many future updates that will be free for players, making the trò chơi more replayable than other hidden object games out there.

A game with a similar art style and game play to Wind Peaks but came out a few months earlier is Hidden Through Time. As the title suggests, players have the ability lớn travel through different points in history & try lớn find objects that are hiding in crowded và colorful landscapes.

There are four eras with multiple stages. Players must find enough objects khổng lồ advance to lớn a new stage. You can also create your own map where various set pieces are available khổng lồ use for custom landscapes. Other players can then go in và play the map you created.

So how about the concept presented in the previous game, only this time with cats? A new game that has hit online shelves is Cats In Time, a trò chơi revolving around a scientist whose cats have gone missing thanks lớn them messing with his time machine.

It is up lớn you to lớn explore detailed dioramas phối in different times in history khổng lồ find all the cats that may be missing. Some cats are easily spotted by just looking behind a door while others will need khổng lồ be retrieved through small puzzles.

Developer Artifex Mundi has already had two entries on this list, but many of their hidden object games are so popular that it just makes sense lớn include a third entry from them. Continuing with the developer's fantastical narratives, Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride takes place in a magical world filled with secrets.

A village known as Ravenbrook is filled with superstitious individuals who are looking lớn keep the evil spirits at bay, but a stranger has arrived in town that could turn the town upside down. Players can solve the mystery through 24 mini-games and 14 hidden object scenes.

A black-and-white hand-drawn hidden object game, Hidden Folks has received critical acclaim for being among the best games of 2017. The goal of the game is simple: find hidden individuals that are hidden in interactive landscapes.

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The game will have you tìm kiếm for over 300 different "folks" scattered around 32 different areas. Each area also has its own interactions that make them unique & adds to lớn the charm of the game. If players don't like the black-and-white look, you can pick between three different color modes to lớn enhance the experience.