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If gamers love khổng lồ explore the open world of GTA V & participate in the missions, then it is likely that they will enjoy these games too.

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Grand Theft tự động hóa 5 is known as one of the best games of all time due khổng lồ the chất lượng experience that it offers. From an immersive story that is constantly swapping between 3 protagonists, to lớn a huge mở cửa world with quality places that players loved exploring, GTA 5 has a bit of everything. In addition, all these were improved further by the great graphics that GTA 5 packed despite being an older game.

Nevertheless, most fans have already explored Los Santos, finished the story, & enjoyed most of the experiences that GTA Online has khổng lồ offer. Although it can be hard lớn find a game as good as GTA 5, there are some noteworthy options for fans lớn sink their teeth into.

Updated on October 19th, 2022 by Jom Elauria: Fans of the Grand Theft tự động hóa franchise have been given a sneak peek at what’s to come as more than 90 videos and screenshots of in-development footage from GTA 6 have been recently leaked (via Screen Rant). While it’s unfortunate that nội dung from the much-awaited sequel has been leaked, it has created a massive amount of hype for the game’s loyal fans. While they wait for Rockstar Games khổng lồ officially announce the next entry in the Grand Theft tự động franchise, they should kiểm tra out titles similar to GTA 5.

Sleeping Dogs


GTA 5 shares a handful of similarities with United Front Game’s martial arts video game Sleeping Dogs. For one, both offer an xuất hiện world for gamers with Sleeping Dogs benign phối in modern Hong Kong. In addition, the two games both have compelling stories that focus on a life full of heists, gangs, và fights.

However, Sleeping Dogs highlights a martial-arts-inclined chơi game that may differ greatly from what GTA 5 offers. While the game’s camera work and animations can be a bit wonky at times, it has been received positively for its incredible character design, combat experience, & voice acting. It’s surprising that Sleeping Dogs is more than a decade old, since it still holds up well today.


Just lượt thích in GTA 5, crime runs amok in the world of L.A. Noire. Phối in Los Angeles, the game follows a detective on a mission with breaking a drug ring. This is in stark contrast with GTA 5, which mainly follows criminals & gang members. However, both games expose the corrupted system that allows crime khổng lồ thrive. Https://

L.A. Noire is also phối in an mở cửa world that players can explore both by foot and by vehicle. The trò chơi has been praised for its fast-paced action sequences & incredible voice acting that features beloved actors from the hit show Mad Men.


The most recent installment in the Just Cause series is a solid game that can be compared lớn GTA 5. In Just Cause 4, players will have to assume the role of Rico Rodriguez, a man tasked with taking down the world’s largest private military.

While the game’s narrative is far from what GTA 5 offers, Just Cause 4 does allow players to go on a rampage in a number of ways ⁠— whether it’s attaching rockets to cows or bundling helicopters together. GTA 5 also has the same physics mechanics & sandbox gameplay, which makes Just Cause 4 a game worth playing for those who enjoy Rockstar’s triple-A title.


Fallout 3 has amassed a huge number of fans for an expansive open-world environment that features an apocalyptic wasteland. Bethesda’s RPG sees a world ravaged by nuclear devastation and puts the players in control of an underground shelter inhabitant.

Apart from the open-world gameplay, Fallout 3 is similar to GTA 5 when it comes to the excellence in writing và characters. Both games have secrets và dialogues that spark humor, which adds lớn the overall enjoyment. Fallout 3 and GTA 5 are also considered very ambitious but successful projects that have a sizable modding community, allowing for immense customization and outrageous game outcomes.

The Witcher 3 is one of the best medieval open-world RPG games. It resembles GTA 5's large, explorable open-world & combines it with a great storyline that fans loved. Based on Slavonic mythology, the game tells the story of Geralt of Rivia as he continues to search for his daughter. It includes several great missions và gives players the chance to lớn explore underground hidden ruins và some legendary battles.

Although The Witcher 3 favors medieval, sword-focused chơi game (as opposed lớn GTA 5's more modern approach with guns), many players will enjoy The Witcher 3 as there is plenty of things to bởi that will keep them entertained for hours.

Watch Dogs: Legion features open-world game play similar to GTA 5 while taking a more tech-focused approach. Set in London in the near future, Watch Dogs: Legion depicts a society where everything is thoroughly surveilled and freedom is limited. The player's goal is to khung and support a resistance team against this oppressive system.

Although the game revolves around hacking devices rather than GTA 5's more brutal, combat approach, the tones are quite similar as they are both rooted in chaos. For a tech-based game like GTA 5, Watch Dogs: Legion is a great option.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most famous games of the latest decade và GTA 5 fans are sure to enjoy it. From a large và unique open-world for players to lớn explore lớn an immersive storyline that keeps fans on edge, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot to offer.

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It mainly focuses on a story of trust & betrayal, following an outlaw gang who are hoping to vị one last heist before they retire. However, things aren't as simple as they seem, and the story takes many surprising turns. For a GTA 5-like game set in the wild west theme with horses, cowboys, & revolver weapons, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great choice.

Saints Row: The Third is a story-focused, open-world, fantasy game that bears striking similarities with GTA 5 and serves as an inspiration for the upcoming Saint's Row 5. While Saints Row: The Third offers a more futuristic fantasy approach, with superpowers và strange weapons, it maintains the quality open-world gameplay of GTA 5.

Both games allow for great fun và creativity regarding possible approaches in the open-world setting - varying from in-depth character customization to multiple open-world missions that involve stealing cars or just wreaking havoc all over the city.

Although there are many contestants between the Far Cry games, Far Cry 3 was the best one that defined the series. Far Cry 3 takes place on a large, fully explorable island where the player has to survive và save their friends from danger. Similar to lớn GTA V, it features an in-depth weapon arsenal with multiple modification options.

From hunting animals và gathering materials khổng lồ clearing enemy camps, Far Cry 3 has a lot to lớn offer. All these are combined perfectly with the game's great storyline that features Vaas, one of the best villains in the history of video games, whose unpredictable and reckless behavior had players on the edge of their seats.

Although Mafia: Definitive Edition doesn't focus as much as fans wanted lớn on the open-world idea, its mafia-themed storyline definitely makes up for it. Similar lớn GTA 5's amazing storytelling ability, Mafia follows Tommy Angelo, a cab driver who ends up working for the Mafia in a story full of twists và turns. From unexpected betrayal to heartbreaking forgiveness, Mafia's story manages to lớn keep fans on edge.

In addition, Mafia offers third-person chơi game with multiple weapons khổng lồ choose from that resemble the combat in GTA 5. With a lot in common, the Mafia franchise is a great option for GTA 5 fans.

Infamous: Second Son is a PS4 exclusive that offers an immersive and compelling story that keeps fans on edge of their seats & has great open-world elements. The protagonist in Infamous: Second Son, Delshin Rowe, is a graffiti artist who can use elements in the environment, lượt thích concrete & neon, to gain quality powers. The trò chơi tells the story of how Delshin tries to oppose the local force of D.U.P. That tries to lớn imprison people like him with supernatural powers.

The main difference is that Infamous: Second Son focuses more on magical elements và superpowers, instead of GTA 5's more realistic gun-focused gameplay. Nevertheless, for console owners, Infamous: Second Son is a great option that resembles GTA 5 through its open-world game play that allows the player to destroy D.U.P encampments & gather materials lớn upgrade their powers.

Assassin's Creed games have been focusing more on the open-world aspect over the last years, which makes them a great option for GTA 5 fans. With its world being 3 times bigger than Assassin's Creed: black Flag, with the lands full of pyramids & dungeons lớn explore, there's plenty of things to vì chưng to keep you occupied.

In addition, it features a fascinating story that took a different approach from the original assassin-focused theme of the series. With some historical accuracy, Assassin's Creed Origins depicts the stories of Bayek and Aya, who collaborate with Cleopatra in their journey khổng lồ become the first assassins. Although Origins doesn't have the modern theme of GTA 5, the graphics và fights are just as good & will keep fans entertained.

Nier: Automata is one of the best games with multiple protagonists and offers a chất lượng twist lớn open-world games through the futuristic, robot-focused setting. It follows the story of 2B, an apk that is created to lớn fight for the Resistance against the machines that have invaded earth. The best part is that this story is paired with an iconic soundtrack that fans are guaranteed to love.

While this focus on technology makes it different from GTA 5, it also bears some great similarities. Nier: Automata is characterized by its vast explorable mở cửa world, where the player can defeat machines, complete engaging side-quests, or gather materials to lớn upgrade their weapon & equipment.

The Saboteur is a great game that takes the open-world feature & combines it with a World War II setting. It takes place in German-occupied France and offers a great story with multiple realistic historical elements. The protagonist in The Saboteur is an Irish cab driver named Sean Devlin who ends up joining the resistance when the German soldiers killed his best friend.

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The Saboteur offers a chất lượng open-world experience with side-quests that will keep gamers entertained for hours. As a game that involves running around the vast và full-of-detail xuất hiện world while stealing cars, wreaking havoc, and evading the law, The Saboteur has a lot in common with GTA 5.