Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 Mod Psp Iso Download


Hello Everyone, Today I have brought for you Dragon Ball Game. This is PSP DBZ Game Namely Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team 2. You can play this game on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac very easily via PSP Emulator. So let’s know about this Game.

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DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 ISO Characters

In this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 Mod you will see Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT Characters with BT3 Attacks.

Goku Frieza Saga and Buu Saga, Armor Goku base and SSJ, DBS Goku Base to Mastered Ultra Instinct. DBGT Goku with Base to SSJ4.Vegeta Saiyan Saga and Buu Saga. DBS Vegeta Base to SSB Evolution, GT Vegeta Base to SSJ4 and Baby Vegeta all forms. You will also see Vegeta perfect Ozaru Form like BT3.Gohan Kid, Teen Adult and Ultimate. You will also see future Gohan Base form and Super Saiyan form with BT3 attacks.DBZ Trunks Kid and future, DBS Trunks Base to SSJ Rage.Gogeta DBS with All Forms and GT Gogeta SSJ4. You will see Gogeta Blue with Real Anime attacks like Movie.DBZ Broly And DBS Broly with All Forms.Frieza all forms Base to Golden Frieza.More DBZ Characters Krillin, Piccolo Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, Videl, Bardock, Cell, Androids, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, Buu, Gotenks and Janemba.More DBS Characters Jiren Base to Full Power, Kefla Base to Legendary Super Saiyan, Caulifla Base to SSJ2, Kale Base to Legendary Super Saiyan, Zamasu, Fused Zamasu and Black Goku base to Rose, Vegito Base to Blue.GT Characters Omega Shenron, Android 17 Fusion.

About Gameplay Features

The Gameplay of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 ISO same as DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team with some difference like Attacks, Battle Grounds and combos. So let’s know about Gameplay Features.

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Kicking and Punching.Ki Charge and Ki Blast.3 Attacks of every Characters.Shot Exchange and Blow Exchange.Flying and instant Transmission.Super Saiyan Transformations.

How To Install Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team 2 PSP ISO

Then Download ISO / Game. The Download link is given below.Then install PSP Emulator and open it.If you not see Permanent fix Menu so go to PSP system setting and select language America Latino and off fast memory unstable.

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Requirements And Additional Information

Game Name:- DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team 2.Game Size:- 590MB.Original Develover:- BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT.Mod By:- Onixstish YouTuber.Online:- No.Offline:- Yes.Android:- 5.1RAM:- 2GBProcessor:- 1.3Ghz