Valorant: riot games' competitive 5v5 character


Players who enjoyed Counter-Strike will love sầu these other fantastic competitive sầu shooters và FPS games.

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Counter-Strike is considered the definitive sầu FPS (first-person shooter) series because of its tactical gameplay. Putting Counter-Strike's nostalgic value aside, the game is genuinely fun, và little has changed since its early days. It's a game that proves graphics aren't everything, và that timeless gameplay trumps all. Its appeal boils down to lớn its weapon variety, maps, and friendly community.

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After hundreds of hours & then some, inkhổng lồ this game, more than one player has reported carpal tunnel syndrome. It might take the jaws of life lớn pry fans from this game, but seriously, there are legitimate alternative games khổng lồ play designed for those who love sầu Counter-Strike. Nobody's telling anyone khổng lồ quit, but a break lớn try something new is a wise idea.

Updated January 10, 2022, by Ritwik Mitra: Counter-Strike is still considered by many khổng lồ be one of the most popular tactical first-person shooters around. Trying to lớn plant bombs, rescue hostages, & annihilate the opposition is still quite engaging to lớn this day. As a result, it's only a given that players would ideally want to lớn try out games in a similar vein that feel just as tactical, fast-paced, and enjoyable as Counter-Strike. Here are some of the best games for players who love Counter-Strike.

đôi mươi PUBG: Battlegrounds


Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC, & mobile Battle royales have become one of the most popular multiplayer modes around, with players actively queuing up for the opportunity to lớn win these games. PUBG: Battlegrounds is considered lớn be one of the two games — along with Fortnite — that has been dubbed responsible for sparking this craze.

PUBG is still one of the most popular games around that fans absolutely adore. The battle royale genre might have sầu been perfected in other games, but there's still some comfort to be enjoyed in a game of PUBG.


Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, & PC After first-person shooters started setting into lớn a rhythm, DOOM burst onto lớn the scene và showed what ripping và tearing were all about. The game was a nostalgic trip with an amazing coat of paint that fans absolutely adore.

The gameplay of DOOM was extremely addictive, with its massive sầu & sprawling levels being a joy to lớn explore. The combat of this game is spectacular và has received a major overhaul in the sequel, although its multiplayer never really hit the ground running.


Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC There was a time when fans of the Battlefield series considered Battlefield 5 to lớn be an inferior product. It took many years of improvements for fans lớn warm up khổng lồ this title once again.

The disastrous release of Battlefield 2042 has shown that fans really had a gem lying in Battlefield 5 all along. While this might be indicative sầu of DICE's shoddy work on 2042, there's still no denying the fact that players who want khổng lồ enjoy an in-depth squad shooter will have a ton of fun with Battlefield 5.


Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, và PC Far Cry 6's release has been rather tepid, with most people lamenting the fact that the game felt like nothing more than a copy-paste of previous games in the series. It's easy khổng lồ see why this is the case, with Far Cry 6 doing absolutely nothing noteworthy.

However, fans of tight first-person shooting gameplay will still have a lot to lớn enjoy in this game. Far Cry 6 might not break any new ground, but its gameplay mechanics are still quite solid & enjoyable regardless.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & PC There was a time when Halo Infinite was already written off after its reveal. It took a long while for 343 Industries lớn get the trust of fans back và release a brilliant Halo title that is easily the biggest step for the series.

Halo Infinite features open-world gameplay for the first time in a Halo game và is an absolute blast lớn play through. The fact that it serves as somewhat of a soft reboot for the Halo series makes it a great jumping-into lớn point for new fans of the series too.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC Respawn Entertainment is a respected name in the gaming industry, featuring several excellent games under their belt. One such title that is in the good books of several FPS gamers is Titanfall 2.

Players who want games like Counter-Strike but with excellent movement mechanics as well should definitely opt for this title. It helps that the single-player campaign — something that was missing in the first game — is also an excellent bonus in its own right.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintenvị Switch, Mobile, & PC Out of all the games released by Respawn Entertainment, one has to admit that Apex Legends is easily their most well-known và successful title right now. The free-to-play battle royale title is making waves lớn this day as one of the best games around.

Each and every match of Apex Legends is full khổng lồ the brlặng with high-octane action và fluid movement, making for one of the most polished battle royale titles around. Players who want an action-packed game like CS:GO needn't look any further than this astounding title.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintenbởi Switch, và PC The Payday series is easily one of the most entertaining first-person shooters around. The idea of participating in a heist và teaming up with other players to lớn accomplish the same is a simple concept that ends up paying off substantially.

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This is mainly due to the entertaining và addictive sầu gameplay loop of Payday 2, allowing players to refine their technique with each heist in order to get acquainted with the title. The teamwork present in this excellent squad-based shooter is precisely why most people consider it khổng lồ be one of the best games lượt thích Counter-Strike.

Platforms: PC Counter-Strike might be a tactical title that punishes gamers for failing khổng lồ exhibit proper teamwork. However, its difficulty still doesn't hold a candle lớn Insurgency: Sandstorm.

The game features a ton of tactical gameplay and is extremely realistic và brutal in this regard. There's no laid-baông chồng experience to be enjoyed with Insurgency: Sandstorm, which is why most people love it in the first place!

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, & PC Team Fortress is a series that any tín đồ of multiplayer first-person shooters would be familiar with. This series is full khổng lồ the brim with Valve's unique charm & is an easy recommendation for any fan seeking out games like CS:GO.

Team Fortress 2 might not have the tactical nuance present in the Counter-Strike series, but its imaginative và fun gameplay more than makes up for it. Of course, players need lớn use their brains as much as their skills in order khổng lồ win most matches.

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Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintenvị Switch, & PC This team-based shooter may not have the realism of Counter-Strike, but it makes up for it in style. Contrasting from games lượt thích Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where you play an unnamed player, Overwatch lets you choose between characters. Each character has different attributes and weapons that give sầu the game replayability.

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The obvious comparison is that both games are team-based. Overwatch is also an acclaimed shooter with a dedicated bạn base, in part due khổng lồ Tracer's many inspirational quotes.

Platforms: PC Anyone who feels that Counter-Strike is a bit too enclosed should really give Arma 3 a shot. Released in 2015, the game has not stopped receiving purchases, downloads, & updates ever since. There is a reason this community feels so fiercely loyal.

Despite the sandbox feel, teams require perfect timing and precision khổng lồ be successful. And the open world ensures that this will never be one of the many FPS games that are way too short on content.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, và PC Players that love sầu espionage, hostage situations, và first-person intensity will be right at trang chính with hotline of Duty: Blaông xã Ops Cold War. Most of the current community needs khổng lồ take tips from others to succeed in the game.

Counter-Strike players, however, will be the ones giving the tips because the game will be so familiar. These gamers know when lớn attaông xã when lớn retreat, và how lớn avoid bad situations, all of which round out a skillset that fits perfectly into lớn this particular installment.

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, & PC As games with multiplayer modes fought in squads, Gears 5 & Counter-Strike bear similarities. Gears 5 was a significant improvement over its predecessor. The game looks vibrant in 4K HDR, and the gameplay is a masterclass. The companion robot, Jaông chồng, was a gamechanger.

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It seems lượt thích about time that the Gears of War series received a defuse or tìm kiếm & destroy mode. Many other games are jumping on the Counter-Strike bandwagon, but a vital series lượt thích Gears of War is notably absent. Still, the chiến dịch has plenty of this style of play & those who own an Xbox Series X will be surprised at how much the game has been upgraded.

Platforms: PC Technically, this game has yet lớn be released but pre-ordering the game guarantees access to the beta, which is just as good as the finished sản phẩm of most FPS games. Don't believe it? It's been refined since people have sầu been able to lớn play it since 2017.

Escape from Tarkov has all of the tactics & shooting that Counter-Strike players love sầu và offers a huge addition; as an MMO-inspired game that features quiông xã matches, progress is saved in between games, allowing for a much-needed progression system absent in most FPS games. Just be sure lớn brush up on some pro tips for the game first.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC With one team being the hunters and the other being the boss khủng (hunted), Evolve is a game that relies on teams. Counter-Strike is also dependant on squads, but Evolve characters each have a quality move sầu set that makes the game special.

Players are given the option to play as a medic, trapper, assault, or support class. Regardless of preferred class, Counter-Strike gamers are bound to lớn have fun playing Evolve. As a PvPhường game, the difficulty cấp độ is high, making it one of the few FPS games that are harder than Doom Eternal.

Platforms: PC Released in September 20đôi mươi after six years of development, Squad has received overwhelmingly positive sầu Đánh Giá from critics and fans alike. As a tactical shooter that boats 100 players, đôi mươi maps, và 7 factions, the action is intense và immersive sầu.

What Counter-Strike players will love best about it is the người base that insists on speaking in the form of quiông chồng, military-like commands, turning the game into lớn as much a role-playing experience as it is a tactical shooter. This game is truly the apex of the evolution in shooters since Halo: Combat Evolved first hit stores.

Platforms: PC Players from Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sầu, and Call of Duty each saw the top ten players leave their respective games for Valorant after it was released. Gamers wondered why they would forfeit all of this prize money lớn play a fledgling title from Riot Games (of League of Legends fame).

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The game is so much like Counter-Strike that it's eerie. The gunplay is fast và deadly and the graphics are minimamenu và simple. But players will notice the addition of special characters with special abilities in addition lớn the typical weapon selection, which makes it a compelling game for those who are on the fence. Climbing the ladder will take some smart tips, but the climb is rewarding.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintenbởi vì Switch, and PC It's been proven time và time again that the free-to-play formula works. Through microtransactions & premium nội dung, developers can earn a return on their investment. Free-to-play can make cross-platsize play feasible because it's widely available to more people.

Don't forget that Paladins is a free-to-play game, so there is little incentive not lớn give sầu it a try. It's lượt thích Overwatch except many prefer it over its Clip game doppelganger.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, & PC No game may be as similar to lớn Counter-Strike as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Both games rely on teamwork và tactics to achieve objectives. Their competitive sầu nature is why so many people gravitate to lớn these instant FPS classics.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege came out years after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so naturally, the game appears more polished. It seems like they are continually adding nội dung for Counter-StrikeRainbow Six Siege.

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Both games have sầu cemented themselves as mainstays of the gaming industry because of their timeless gameplay.