Hay Day For Android


Hay Day is a popular farming trò chơi which has been available on apk since November 2013. The tuyệt Day game android app recently got an update.

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However, it seems that the latest update has been inconveniencing game android users as they are facing some issues.

Hay Day

As per multiple reports, hay Day is not working, stuck on loading screen, or crashing for app android users.

Many users are experiencing this problem after the latest tuyệt Day update which clearly indicates that the issue might be widespread.

However, an official workaround for the said issues is available for the affected xuất xắc Day players.

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According to support, affected users can try lớn clear the xuất xắc Day app cache and data by heading over khổng lồ the Manage apps section under Settings.

Also, users must select the Force Stop option before clearing the cache và data then install any available hay Day update from the Play Store & restart the device.


While the workaround appears to be fixing the issues, the fix is only temporary as user reports indicate that the problems start occurring again after some time.

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hayday My trò chơi is still not loading. I have cleared the cache & data, restarted my device, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still not working.Source

Did all of those worked. But when I close & went back khổng lồ play issue occurred againSource

It is unclear exactly why hay Day is not working for app android users và the lack of a proper workaround or fix is further adding to their dilemma.

However, the issue has been officially acknowledged & the relevant team is working on a solution for the same.

Hopefully, the game developer, Supercell, soon releases a fix for the said issues so that users play giỏi Day without any hassle.


That said, we will report back with more details as và when we get new information to nội dung so stay tuned.

Update 1 (June 30, 2021)

Hay Day has confirmed, yet again, that they’re working on a fix. According khổng lồ the team, they’re preparing an optional update that should fix the problem for all game android users.

However, the update may take a couple of days to begin rolling out although the team is aiming to release it sooner.

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Update 2 (July 01, 2021)

Incoming is yet another status update on the matter according to which the team is waiting for the update lớn be approved, which may take some time. Here’s what they say:

We are working hard khổng lồ fix the app android issues, We’re preparing an optional update khổng lồ resolve this lớn make sure everyone can play again! We’re waiting for the update lớn be cleared và approved (this can take some time).

Update 3 (July 02, 2021)

The tốt Day team has shared a couple of official workarounds or measures that game android users can take lớn fix the problem on their phones. Here’s what they team suggested:

For app android Users.Please do a fresh install.Delete the game, clear the memory cache, update any google system apps và then reinstall hay Day.Make sure version is 1.51.90! (Source)

Disconnecting the game from Google Play seems to be working for some players. Disconnect the trò chơi from Google Play to be able lớn play! (Source)

Update 4 (July 03, 2021)

Some folks on Twitter suggest that if users download Hay Day via the Amazon ứng dụng store, it will work as usual on android phones. Here’s a detailed thread on Twitter that explains what lớn do.

Search for Amazon tiện ích Store on Google. Register, then tải về Hay Day from there.. (Source)

Just done it from amazon working fine thanks (Source)

Update 5 (September 27, 2021)

Going by the reports circulating on the micro-blogging site Twitter, looks lượt thích Hay Day servers are encountering issues right now.

what it’s happening? the servers are down! I can’t see the newspaper (it’s in blank), neither my friends nor followers. Please fix it, it looks pretty bad