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It is a condition that does not lead to contentment and an even satisfaction, but to an ever extending desire for the choice fruits tasted.
This involves thinking about occupancy fees, staff morale, and the contentment of residents, as well as her own well-being & ability khổng lồ cope.
It is through a cry that the infant expresses its needs & desires & by silence or vocal sounds that it acknowledges contentment.
They did differ, however, in their feelings of isolation, laông xã of health contentment và a general dissatisfaction with their situation.
These mediums can penetrate suffering và restore calm, tranquility, and contentment on a deeper level.
The maintenance of community connections is not articulated in the client-centred care philosophy, but was an important contributor to contentment.
Furthermore, the author offers only fleeting and qualified evidence of any happiness, contentment or "good days " in the lives of these old people in decline.
Perhaps we cannot, in the kết thúc, compare a short, noble life of great heroism and a long life of ordinary contentment.
At least for this group of seniors, it appeared that contentment would be increased by incorporating such universals inlớn programme policies.
Admittedly, this very low figure may have sầu owed as much to lớn cost as to lớn widespread marital contentment.
Local contentment with democratic forestry processes and practices should be incentive sầu enough lớn carry out fair và environmentally friendly logging activities.
The third was that contentment resulted when there was a good fit between their expectations và experience.
For others, it meant an acceptance of the performance in a spirit of contentment without an effort lớn change.

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If you have a sweet tooth, you lượt thích eating sweet foods, especially sweets và chocolate.

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