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With great power comes great responsibility

Your friwesave.vndly neighborhood Spider-Man is here to save the day with Spider-Man 3.

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This action-advwesave.vnture game will take you to the bustling streets of New York City, where almost anything can happwesave.vn. From helping the police in solving a small crime and catching thieves on the streets, to evwesave.vn facing the most mwesave.vnacing villains, you can experiwesave.vnce them all here in this video game. 

It’s not all fun and games

Like every superhero we know, Spider-Man also has his arch-nemesis. Here in Spider-Man 3, you will not only meet one but two of them! In a city crisis, you will have to be prepared to meet the nasty villain Vwesave.vnom and the terrifying Sandman. Do not worry because you will have the training that you will need before you face them. Just like in the movies, you will be givwesave.vn some time to get used to wearing that famous red and blue Spider-Man suit, shoot webs from your wrists, and swing from one building to another. Your training in fighting the bad guys will start with going up against the city’s criminals. Later on, after completing differwesave.vnt missions in town, you will finally face the powerful villains that are causing chaos.

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Sandman and Vwesave.vnom are on a whole differwesave.vnt level compared to the petty criminals you have faced. You will be really challwesave.vnged to use your skills in combat that you have honed from doing the other small missions. It will be a little difficult, but you will still experiwesave.vnce a lot of fun in its action-packed gameplay.

Anyone can be a hero

Spider-Man 3 will make you feel how it is like to be in the shoes of Spider-Man, The gameplay can be challwesave.vnging, but completing missions will leave you with a rewarding feeling. It might also be kind of hard to master the controls of the game, seeing that there is more to being Spider-Man than just running around. Once you have mastered alternating betwewesave.vn swinging, running, and fighting, you are ready to face almost anyone in this universe!