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a piece of clothing that covers the whole body toàn thân rather than being divided inkhổng lồ a separate top and bottom part:
all-in-one account/device The company has just introduced an all-in-one device that lets users organize & store music, movies, và games.
To guarantee that no singularities exist between the planned nodes, c6 -heuristic is introduced in the multiple-heuristics tìm kiếm, khổng lồ keep the all-in-one-step approach of our planning algorithm.
An all-in-one suit was made for hlặng in a new thermal fabric và for the first time in his life he was pink like everyone else.
For all-in-one models and notebooks that have the same basic case kiến thiết, but differ in kích thước, only one type is listed.
The degree of automation varies from simple pipetting robots khổng lồ highly sophisticated all-in-one solutions, offering an automated workflow from gel to lớn mass spectrometry.
Laptop computers, conversely, offer portability that desktop systems (including small size factor and all-in-one desktops) can not due to lớn their compact form size & clamshell design.
A number of website giải pháp công nghệ companies have also developed comprehensive all-in-one packages that provide financing, risk & return analysis, investment strategy và portfolio management capabilities.
He developed a combined architecture and thiết kế practice, an all-in-one service which employed all the separate disciplines in integrated teams.
Apple"s own range of computers, including its revised all-in-one designs, were ultimately no different.
These tools can be split into three categories: decrypter, key-finder, và all-in-one (finds the keys và then decrypts).

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Versions 2 and 3 were improved versions of the same, basic all-in-one system, working in memory and producing.
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