Adecco"s workplaces are vibrant environments where people love sầu what they vì chưng & thrive in a culture which encourages initiative sầu, empowers personal development & inspires continuous improvement. It makes their culture something special. Adecco’re include Rated 4.5 based on 21 review.

Adecteo Group believe in people and their place in the world of work. Everything they vì chưng as a company reflects their desire khổng lồ continually evolve sầu the concept of work for today và tomorrow. The company pride themselves on their ability to lớn deliver a wide range of multi-disciplinary solutions across all sectors & areas of employment. Adecteo deliver people solutions on a local & international cấp độ, shaping the future of work và the global employment landscape. Adecco's solutions are trusted worldwide and provide a global conscience in human resources.

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Adecteo believe that where work is allowed khổng lồ thrive, economies grow, và societies prosper. They therefore see it as duty lớn provide decision-makers with insight and recommendations, organisations with people & infrastructure, & ultimately, individuals with opportunities. Company believe sầu that they’re in a chất lượng position khổng lồ help organisations navigate change. Adecco's global perspective sầu gives them the data and insight needed lớn advise and phản hồi on the status & future of the world’s labour markets. Adecco's role is lớn st& alongside businesses worldwide khổng lồ empower, enlighten và inspire them khổng lồ embrace the future.

33,000 full time employees60 countries and territories around the world5000+ offices globally

Adecco’re the world’s largest staffing firm. In a nutshell, they’re experts in recruitment & providing world-class payroll and staffing solutions. With more than 33,000 passionate employees in 5,000+ branches across 60 countries and territories worldwide.

Adecteo Vietnam

In Vietphái nam, Adecteo successfully help hundreds of people into exciting new careers every year. Plus, at any one time, Adecteo have sầu around 7,000 associates putting their skills to lớn work, not lớn mention the capability lớn churn out around 7,000 payroll transactions every month, always on time và confidentially.

But Adecteo haven’t let world domination get in their head. Adecco's diverse team of 100+ employees is deeply connected to lớn the local scene. They underst& the people và the market. All the way from Ho Chi Minch City khổng lồ Hanoi, comapany keep themselves happily busy every day connecting people with jobs and jobs with people.

General Director - Adecco Vietnam

Andree Mangels moved from Germany khổng lồ Asia where he began a career in recruitment in 2006. A sharp and results-oriented leader who is committed to providing clients with innovative sầu, & value-added business solutions, Andree has led the success of various recruitment firms while coaching & developing key talents under his management.

In June 2016, Andree joined Adecco Vietphái mạnh – a member of the Adecco Group, the world’s largest staffing firm – as General Director, expanding his expertise beyond recruitment & executive sầu search to lớn include payroll và staffing, outsourcing, và human capital solutions.

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Under his leadership, the team has grown lớn more than 100 employees which in turn supports over 6,000+ associates và services 300+ clients across different industries.

Andree has a Double Masters in Business Administration, International Management và Social Sciences from the University of Lueneburg in Germany và the University of Lancashire in Great Britain.


A great career

Employees can choose to progress their career in their trang chủ country. Or take advantage of international mobility opportunities and gain invaluable experience living và working in one of company's global locations.

Value training and development

Adecco believe sầu in developing talent, and that’s why they invest heavily in their employees for learning và development. Company offer và deliver a wide range of professional development programmes.


76% Retention rate aao ước their internal employees7th best multinational company lớn work for in the world85% participation rate in over 40 countries for Great Place khổng lồ WorkThe Way They WorkThe Adecco Group is committed lớn promoting and maintaining a diverse & inclusive sầu culture of respect and equal opportunity. Company vì chưng not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability or illness, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political opinion.Adecco maintain a positive working environment where people have the freedom to lớn learn from their successes as well as their mistakes, and grow professionally.Adecteo have sầu procedures in place to lớn resolve harassment claims in order khổng lồ provide a safe workplace.The Adecco Group strives for fair và competitive compensation for colleagues và associates.Adecco avoid conflicts of interest và make decisions that put The Adecteo Group’s interests ahead of other personal or business interests.Conflicts of interest may arise, for example, when a employee are in a position khổng lồ decide on the employment status of a family thành viên, when a employee are appointed to a board of directors or a similar function of another organisation, or when a employee could take personal advantage of business opportunities. The Company immediately discđại bại such circumstances lớn superiors.When they are in liên hệ with regulatory officials, they conduct themselves in a transparent and professional manner. Adecteo never try to influence officials by inducements such as generous gifts or entertainment.The Adecteo Group does not promote a culture of gifts và entertainment. However, when Adecco entertain clients & suppliers, always follow local legislation và reasonable business practices. Adecco act at arm’s length & adhere khổng lồ the highest standards of integrity và transparency. Generally, any doubt about the appropriateness of a particular gift or entertainment can be resolved by discussing the situation with their line managers.Adecco communicate in an honest, accurate, timely và effective manner, complying with all relevant legal requirements. Company ensure that only authorized colleagues provide information or speak publicly on The Adecteo Group’s behalf to lớn public & government officials.Adecco protect sensitive sầu information by taking steps to maintain its confidentiality, in order to lớn avoid inappropriate disclosure & prevent such information from undue destruction. In the same way, Adecteo respect the privacy rights of their colleagues và associates.The Adecteo Group recognizes the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles & Rights at Work, namely freedom of association và the effective sầu recognition of the right khổng lồ collective sầu bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour, the effective sầu abolition of child labour, & the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment & occupation as a means to ensure decent working conditions.The Adecteo Group makes a conscious effort lớn ensure that their work environments và practices are safe, healthy and environmentally sound. Everyone at The Adecco Group is expected khổng lồ act in full compliance with applicable safety, health & environmental legislation.As the first company in their industry lớn sign the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Adecteo are committed khổng lồ environmental responsibility và take steps khổng lồ reinforce this commitment.The Adecco Group provides the tools necessary to lớn persize their jobs. Adecteo acknowledge that these tools are company property and have therefore to lớn be used in the best interest of the company. Occasional limited use of company resources, e.g. IT equipment, office supplies & phones, for personal purposes is acceptable if in compliance with the law và internal policies và practices.

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The Adecco Group encourages its colleagues khổng lồ participate in services to the community and political activities within the local legal framework. However, Adecco do not engage in any political activity on The Adecteo Group’s behalf unless authorized to lớn bởi vì so.